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Discovering and cultivatating the commons.

Digital connectivity has been challenging the supremacy of physical space in explaining how we use and transform the urban and natural landscape. Entirely new modes of building and experiencing place are emerging within the social fabric. These modes, however, often go unseen or unacknowledged as the new commons.

Exploring cities

through contemporary media to unearth non-commodified values and champion the commons in transforming environments.

Mapping relations

between the visible and the intangible forms of the city through cultural analytics and collective experiences.

Bridging gaps

between academic modalities of knowledge production and the information needed to reimagine the social contract.

Up next

Local producers are struggling to find urban space for food production, and the smart city concept has produced more infrastructure than permeable land. And all of this is happening while we are living planetary urgency to work towards a circular economy is heightening.

︎The challenge of food production in a planetary city


The new modal

Tallinn parking normative
National study on shrinkage

Nordic Smart City Roadmap

Anticipatory public budgetting


︎ SPIN Unit
ARTICLE ︎ 2022

︎ SPIN Unit
ARTICLE ︎ 2022

︎ SPIN Unit
ARTICLE ︎ 2022

ARTICLE ︎ 2021

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I work in a ︎Real Space in Helsinki, the door is mostly open.


Everything on this website if of public domain but if you want to reuse or repurpose those materials, consult with me.