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Mapping the commons in shrinking cities 

EKA - Estonian Academy of Arts
2023 // Tallinn
In this workshop, we analyse the uneven development of shrinking cities by mapping the scarcity and abundance of the commons to learn how to make urban transformation more equitable. 
︎ Syllabus

︎ 9-13 January

Advanced Urban Analyses

Graduate corse
2022 // Finland
Tampere University
The aim of this course is to work with the imaginary to learn how the city of Tampere would look like if had to produce all the food it needs to sustain itself.
︎ Syllabus

︎ Oct︎︎︎Dec

Advanced Urban Analyses 2020

Graduate course
Tampere University
2020 // Finland
This publication is an outcome of Advanced Urban Analysis, a course I teach at Tampere University. The course is an example of a collaboration between different faculties and disciplines that share a common major theme – green transition and supporting sustainable urban structure. In the Fall 2020, the theme was looked through spatial boundary conditions of a wider spectrum of wellbeing.
︎ Pubblication

︎ Winter 2020